This is a review of the best golf course to offer a great variety, the Bide-a-Wee Golf Course. The golf course offers a tremendous amount of variety that sets it apart from other golf courses in the region. What is meant by this is that you will most likely hit every golf club in your bag before the round is over. There are doglegs, water holes, bunker holes, and the list goes on. You must be prepared for anything when it comes to this golf course, and that is why it is so enjoyable to play.

Bide-a-Wee Golf Course is a par 72 public golf course with yardages ranging from 4,944 yards (red) to 5,860 yards (white) to 6,940 yards (gold). As far as difficulty, it is very much a risk-reward type of golf course. For instance, there are three reachable par four holes. If you are accurate and know the yardages of your golf clubs, you can do well here. Even if you are not the most accurate, the white tees offer one of the best playing experiences in the region. It is difficult enough so that it presents a formidable challenge, while also offering opportunities to score low. For conditions, the course is kept in good shape. There may be a couple of holes that have a lot of divots on them or a fairway that is not fully green, but other than that it is maintained well. The greens are neither fast nor slow, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the type of golfer you are.