World No. 1 Golfer Luke Donald stated the obvious on his Twitter account when he openly spoke against how slow playing is ruining the game. His exact words from his tweet were:

‘It’s not that hard, be ready when it’s your turn. Slow play is killing our sport’

Indeed one of the biggest and controversial issue in the golfing world currently is the growing instances of slow play. With higher monetary prizes and prestige in stake it is acceptable that players need enough time to carefully play their shots and not rush through. However the time some players are taking border on the ridiculous.

National Golf Publications release a list every year for the worst offenders of the season however even the shame of being branded as a slow-coach has not deterred any of those players from taking their own sweet time to take their shot.

Luke Donald even suggested a way to speed up play on the putting greens. His exact words from his tweet were:

‘If u r second to putt, why not read your putt while the player 1 is reading his. 30 secs saved there = 35 mins saved for the round #simple’

The idea is great, but at the end of the day even he, like other professional golfers have realized that the fight against slow play will go nowhere unless the authorizing bodies do not take action and enforce guidelines to the offenders. As he tweeted:

‘I could rant all day long, don’t think anything will ever change as the slow players don’t realize they are slow ‘

Luke Donald’s comments are a testament to the fact that the golfing population has dwindled partly due to the amount of time it takes to play a round.


The 14 time major champion, Tiger Woods has fought his way back into the limelight with an impressive win in the Prestigious Chevron World Challenge. It’s one of Tiger’s first victories after he resuming golf following the allegations of adultery and his car accident.

Having hit rock bottom in his personal life in 2009, his golf career started to suffer, forcing Woods to take a break from the came to try and find the right mentality and the support and motivation necessary for him to excel and reach the same standards he used to have.

Woods mentioned in his statement after the victory that he is elated and finally feels comfortable in his golf skills and game. This has been his first win since 2009, which made it all the more enjoyable. He remains an outshot, but in this form his 20/1 could be some of the best US Masters betting odds we’ve seen in a while.

He admits to the fact that whenever he plays in the big tournaments he has started to feel much more nervous, which makes it even more difficult for him to win tournaments. The win has brought fresh hope to Tiger Woods fans all over the world, who want to see him back on the comeback trail, and competing at the very top of the game.

Woods also admitted that this victory had been building for quite a while now and he knew that when he took an early lead at the Australian tournament he still had the ability to compete at the top of the game. Good luck Tiger!