The Race to Dubai

The European Tour’s new season will commence with the Nelson Mandela Championship tournament. The entire season is known as the Race to Dubai. Here, the European Tour will conclude late in 2013. There are bets that can be placed on specific competitions within the Tour or futures betting on who will win the Race to Dubai.

Some of the more common bets that can be placed right now are betting on the outright winner. This particular bet requires you to select the golfer who you think will win the tour. Right now, since the new season is about to begin, there could potentially be some lucrative payouts if your chosen golfer takes it all in the end. With futures betting, the earlier in the season the more risky the wager is. Most online casinos that offer sports betting will allow their customers to make bets on golfing, especially this particular event.

Another wager that can be made as the Race to Dubai begins is a top 15 finish. This means you select a golfer who you believe will finish somewhere within the top 15. Any golfer that finishes here receives a share of the prize money. Betting one a top 15 finisher is less risky than betting on the single winner of the entire race.

Other online casinos will allow bets to be placed on the top national player. This kind of wager is where you place a bet on which player you think will be the best from a specific nation. For instance, a wager could be placed on which player from the United Kingdom will fare the best in the competition. Since there are players hailing from a variety of nations, it is possible to bet on several different national players. Depending upon the number of participants from certain countries, the odds here can vary.

The gambling market has expanded online with the introduction of online betting, and now companies such as online casinos also aim to target this market through the creation of sports themed games on sites like Gaming Club mobile. For those of you who enjoy golf then there are a wide range of slots machines to enjoy. Some popular names include Lucky Shot and Argyle Open amongst many others available through various online casinos.