Player weighs in on Tiger Woods rules infraction

Gary Player is a nine time winner of major championships and a member of the Golf Hall of Fame and he has now weighed in on the rules infraction of Tiger Woods as well as some of his other problems on the course.

Player went on to describe the third shot at the par-5 15th hole during the second round of the Masters tournament earlier this year by Woods as one of the most unlucky things that he has witnessed in his life. He stated that Tiger hit the most perfect shot he could have. He mentioned it was coming in there softly and even the flag became visible. If it had hit, it would have been a mere four feet from the hole.

Player admitted that he now thinks if Tiger Woods had hit a bad shot, and a really bad one at that too, using a sand wedge standing just twenty feet from the hole, he would have gone on to win the Masters by his reckoning.

However, that wasn’t the case. Woods’ ball hit the flag and ricocheted off it into the water. He then went on to take an improper drop, turning into a double bogey what could have been a birdie quite easily. Moreover, this was due to the two shot penalty that he was handed. A TV viewer called in the rules violation and according to Player, such a practice should never be allowed.

Some critics blasted Woods and said he should have withdrawn from the tournament after the highly controversial ruling but according to Player, he didn’t see anything wrong on the part of Tiger Woods. He also mentioned Woods is an extremely driven and dedicated golfer and he thinks he will be able to break Jack Nicklaus’s long standing record of 18 major titles.