Kuchar skeptical on Wood’s surgery

Whilst most of the golf world is mourning given Tiger Woods’ absence from the 2014 Masters, his peer Matt Kuchar has a different take on the issue. In a recent interview, the 2012 Player Champ is of the opinion that the news of Woods’ surgery is anything but serious.

Woods sustained a bad back injury recently that has forced him to stay out of Golf Masters 2014 at Augusta.

Kuchar has been quite candid about his view on the World Number one’s back surgery news going around since last March. The 35 year old American golfer has even asserted that this news is nothing less than an April-Fool joke from Woods on the entire world. Kuchar is even expecting Woods at Augusta for Golf Masters 2014 which is about to start soon.

However, Kuchar is not the only one joking about Woods’ surgery. Dustin Johnson too joked about it saying that Woods’ withdrawal from the tournament is like a lighter pressure on the competition. However, unlike Kuchar, Johnson wasn’t skeptical about the surgery news and he wished the World Number One all the best.

“Our prayers are for him”, said Johnson. “I hope he gets OK. Woods is a chief aspect of the game. One would definitely want to have him at Augusta and his absence takes away little bit from the competition. He been, for quite a long span, the best. I have had my share of injuries earlier & it is just no fun when you have to sit back at home & rehab.”

Other than Johnson, another famous golfer Jimmy Walker also expressed concern on hearing Woods’ surgery news. The hottest PGA Tour golfer with 2 feats this year tagged the news as “a bummer.” In his verse-“It is really tough. I have had some disk issues earlier. Let’s hope that this surgery would be successful in fixing him up.”