Swanson Outpoints Stephens in UFC Main

Cub Swanson’s fans must be in a great mood of late as their favorite fighter came up with a remarkable win beating Jeremy Stephens at a very amusing UFC Main fight.

After the 2nd round of the fight, Swanson asked his coach (Jackson) on whether he would work to turn the things up.
“He said, I would like that”, said Swanson while stressing on his conversations with coach Greg during the fight.

And boy, he did turn the fight up! After being dropped a couple of times in 2nd round, Cub came back with full aplomb & swept away the remaining fight at the UFC main event Fight night last Saturday. The champion winner landed up the win with unanimous decision in a fight which made the spectators completely forget about lackluster card till that point. This great victory could earn the champion a rematch bout against UFC Featherweight hero Jose Aldo.

“I’m not going to beg”, remarked the winner.

Swanson & Stephens stood & exchanged for the maximum time throughout the 5 rounds. Jeremy was good with his earlier stints & even jarred Swanson with his hands. Cub’s output was way greater yet when his opponent hit him it was quite an audible sound. Huge damage was visibly being inflicted.

Swanson got back his hold in 3rd round with a fantastic kick pointed to his opponent’s liver which almost folded the latter down. Cub chased him hard & finished him yet never did he follow up to his body. Jeremy managed to somehow survive that round yet Swanson’s heavy moves thwarted his previous speedy pace from that round on.

Cub was more accurate, faster & better active striker in the remaining couple of rounds. He did hurt Stephens in 5th round & flurried to body & head with kicks and punches.