“Nagging Shoulder” – Martin Kaymer

Injuries seem elevated this season in the golf course and apparently professional German golfer, Martin Kaymer is no exception.

Kaymer displayed great finesse during the Players Championship as well s the U.S. Open, offered viewers and fans, an assorted platter of straight winning streak however this success was not to last long when he started showing signs of errors at tournaments after. A close acquaintance of Kaymer has revealed of his shoulder injury that exhibited nagging pain and mistakes that made supporters disheartened.

“I think I had a muscle cramp. It is like you wake up and do not realize the smaller issues here and there till they turn out to be something really annoying that gets in the way of your practice and performance. It came as a surprise to me, I could not get even one single ball go where I wanted it to. This continued till Thursday and I got very little practice during the British Open.” Martin told reporters.

Officials have informed that Martin Kaymer is back in form, ‘fit and ready to go’. “He is one of those players who never back down; he carries on him the expectations of many people.” Kaymer took it slow on the British Open, nursing his shoulder back to form before the PGA tournament. Martin Kaymer was the very first to win both the Players Tournament as well as the USPGA, his shoulder injury though provided minimal distraction.

Kaymer is fit now and still has a great game to offer to the other contenders. After a spectacular win at the US Open, he finished a dismaying 70th at Hoylake. “I hope for a fast paced start at the Valhalla,” said Kaymer confident of making an impact there.
“It’s not about making birdies. It’s the small things that matter and sometimes these very small margins can create a huge difference that one has to take the next day.”