It has being a trend for partakers in the entertainment world to fluctuate when they experience a level of success.

This hypothesis was tested in music, football and now golf using the likes of Tiger Woods as a case study. \

The hypothesis can also be tested on the German golfer, Martin Kaymer who slides down the line after a series of winnings at the early age of thirty one. The golfer who is ranked among the top fifty golfers in the world has about 20 medals to his name. Among this medal is the PGA tour that he won three times, the European tour and lots more in Europe and America.

The German born golfer, Martin Kaymer was became a golf professional at the age of twenty due to his skills in driving and shooting the ball around the court. He has some wins to his name, making his commercial golfing profitable to him and his group. His worth is still on the early seven digits in dollars but he has decided to give back to the community apart from the tax he pays.

Martin Kaymer joined the likes of Justin Rose and Danby Wullet to express their displeasure publicly about the hostile Hazeltinecrowd, an act that generated more controversies on social media.

Commercializing games is now a common practice in the recent time. When the likes of Tiger Woods and Martin Kaymer worth millions in the assets. It was reached and put to book that Kaymer worth’s about seven figures in dollars which is an encouragement for others coming behind to become better in the game.

Despite his worth and age, he is still a bachelor, an idea which can be linked to his increase performance in the game of golf since marital problems have destabilize better golfers in the past.