Justin Rose Slips Up At Augusta

Justin Rose realizes that he let one of the major tournaments slip him by.

There are pitfalls of the sport and every game can have only one winner. While a victory can only be one, the defeats are numerous. Justin Rose participated in Augusta National’s where his playoff suffered a loss to Sergio Garcia. Of course he did have a victory at 2013 US Open which was a major championship win. His professional career started about 19 years back when he finished fourth while participating in the Open held at Royal Birkdale. He missed out about 21 cuts consecutively.

At the Augusta National he was leading by two shots. There were about six holes left to play. He was up to play one stroke with two remaining. Justin Rose had the potential to win the tournament, but he lost out on the first hole when a playoff faced a sudden death. Rose ended up taking honors of the consolation round.

He won the gold medal when the golf tournament of the first kind was held for the Olympics in Rio. If he had won at Augusta National he would be joining the leagues of Ben Hogan. It would also have given him the opportunity to try a win at the Master like Nick Faldo and Danny Willett. Garcia might have taken a penalty at the 13th hole which would have led to Rose winning. Rose admits that this tournament was one where he surrenders to Garcia. He had faced Garcia earlier as well, back in their amateur days. Rose states that he was calm, collected and cool in the rounds. He had felt confident and in control and if Sergio did not make a comeback, he would have cruised through the tournament. However, he feels that one has to be willing to enjoy the tournaments.