He might not be having the best of times hitting the ball on the course, but former top ten ranked golfer Jim Furyk is still one of the most sought after figures in the golfing world for major companies who still think that his brand value has not decreased in spite of the results.

This was proved again when Medjet Assist, a company based in Birmingham in the United States of America that guarantees its customers of evacuation by air in the event of a medical emergency signed Furyk on s ix figure contract to be their global brand ambassador.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Roy Berger, Furyk will be the face as well as voice of the company for a contractual period of two years during which time, he will appear on the company advertisements in radio, print, internet as well as on television. Being a privately owned company, Berger couldn’t divulge much of the details of the contractual arrangement with Jim Furyk but it is being believed that the six figure sum that the veteran golfer signed on is just a signing on fee and he will get royalty bonuses for every sale of the company.

According to Berger, Medjet Assist had been looking for a golfer for a long time to be their brand ambassador and when someone mentioned the name of Furyk, they didn’t think twice before contacting him with an offer and Furyk duly6 obliged by signing on the dotted lines.

Jim Furyk, who has not had the best of starts to 2012, will be happy that his brand value has not decreased in any way and this will give him added impetus ahead of the Transitions Championship where he will participate in the coming weeks with some other big name stars.