Dustin Johnson had to pay a huge penalty as he arrived late for his tee time. This comes as a huge surprise because rarely a professional player turns up late for his tee time.

Apparently Dustin Johnson’s caddie, Bobby Brown gave his boss the wrong time for the tee and hence the delay. Johnson admits that he doesn’t himself look at the tee sheet and he just about managed to come within minutes of being disqualified from the tournament. He was awarded a two stroke penalty for his late arrival.

After having had such a bad start to his day, he trudged along through a two over seventy three which included a double bogey on the very first hole and a double on the short par four tenth.

To make things worse for Dustin, he was questioned about him being so tardy by Jim Gray the Golf Channel reporter.

It was wrong on Jim Gray’s part to barge in on a professional player in the very middle of a round and also on such a bad day. Thankfully the Golf Channel took action swiftly and removed the reporter from the week’s telecast.

Gray’s style of journalism is very bullish and might be fit for politics but there is a certain amount of decorum and decency that is maintained in the field of golf journalism. A reporter should never interfere in the player’s professional and playing space.

The caddie Brown has also come under a lot of criticism for being responsible for giving his boss the wrong tee time. But no matter how much he heat he faces in his professional career, he still appears unscathed. This has earned him the title of ‘asbestos’.

What was surprising was the fact that Dustin Johnson has retained his services and this has baffled many. If a caddie doesn’t do his job properly, it is the golfer who suffers the most and Dustin Johnson must realise this, but have his reasons for retaining his caddie.

According to the latest US Open golf betting odds, in spite of a torrid time today, Johnson remains one of the favourites for the tournament at just over 6/1.